DARI JIWA Initiative is a community of caring people who help needy Bali residents in a crisis.
If you want to help us and make any feasible contribution — join us. Write what kind of resources do you have. Any help would be appreciated.
If you want to help transfer any amount



Mandiri (IDR):


Sberbank (RUB):
4274 3200 3708 5951

PrivatBank (UAH):
5169 3600 0280 6176

In the payment comment write "Dari Jiwa". After the transfer, please send us a receipt or screenshot so that we can write your donation in the table.
Contact us on social networks if you want to help
Now we are covering the Bukit, with branches in Ubud, Canggu, Denpasar and other areas of the Island. We are looking for initiative people who are ready to take on the organization — communication with banjars, purchasing and sorting products, delivering them to needy families. We need people who are fluent in the Indonesian language, drivers, photographers and videographers, bloggers with a large audience for information support.